Relics of Venerable Purnamaitrayaniputra (The Foremost in Spreading The Dharma)

富楼那 尊者 - 舍利子 (说法第一)

'Purnamaitrayaniputra" (Purna) is means boundless preaching and compassion. It is named after his parents.

Purna was very good at explaining the Dharma, and can propagate the Dharma well. Therefore among the Buddha’s Ten Principal disciples, he is regarded as the foremost in spreading the Dharma.


富楼那彌多羅尼子简称 ”富楼那“是以父母的名来命名。尊者父亲的名字“弥多罗尼” (梵语)翻译为“慈”,尊者母亲的名字“富楼那”,合起来叫“富楼那弥多罗尼子” 意思为满慈子,满愿子。