Relics of Venerable Sariputta (The Foremost of Wisdom)

舍利弗 尊者 - 舍利子 (智慧第一 )

Venerable Sariputta , which means "Son of the Sari". He is one of the ten disciples principal.
Venerable Sariputta was a dignified person since young. At the age of sixteen, he impressed all the others in his clan by being able to win over others’ arguments. He be friended Venerable Mongallana, they both renounced their wealthy families and became disciples of the ascetic Sanjaya Belatthiputta. It took them only seven days and nights to learn everything from their teacher and earned respect from two hundred and fifty other followers of the same clan.
At that time, Buddha was residing at Venuvana (Bamboo Grove) Monastery. One day his disciple Venerable Assaji was begging for alms. Sariputta saw the venerable Assaji, modestly keeping his eyes to the ground and dignified in deportment, so Venerable Sariputta enquired about the monk’s teacher and teachings he practised. The Venerable Assaji replied with a very brief summary of the Buddha’s teachings on the relationship of cause and effect and impermanence. This opened up Sariputta’s wisdom and he went to find his friend Venerable Mongallana. The two of them soon joined the Order at the Bamboo Grove along with their two hundred and fifty other followers.
After he joined the Order, Venerable Sariputta always assisted the Lord Buddha in his discourses, and became the chief disciple. Due to his superior intelligence, he was being regarded as “ The foremost of wisdom”.