Relics of Venerable Moggallana (The Foremost in Psychic Power)

目犍連 尊者 - 舍利子 (神通第一)

The Venerable Moggallana was being regarded as the “Foremost in Psychic Power” amongst Buddha’s ten Principal Disciples. He was a good friend of Venerable Sariputta. Both of them renounced the world when young and were disciples of the ascetic Sajaya Belatthiputta, and each of them had two hundred and fifty followers. Once, Venerable Sariputta encountered Buddha’s diciple Vererable Assaji and learnt about impermanence. He informed Venerable Moggallana who forthwith brought all his followers to seek out the Buddha and became His disciples. After Venerable Moggallana and Venerable Sariputta became disciples of the Buddha, they practised diligently together and soon became His chief disciples, assisting Buddha in his discourses.



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